2015 Vans Warped Tour Parking Information

Onsite parking for this event will be limited. Please plan ahead by visiting our Shuttle Advisory page.

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Shuttle Advisory

This weekend the 2015 Vans Warped Tour will be taking place at the Portland Expo Center. Due to the popularity of this event, there will be a limited amount of parking available on site. We advise you to plan ahead and/or take the TriMet’s Max Yellow Line, a short 30-minutes from downtown Portland that will stop at the bottom of our parking lot adjacent to the main entrance. The Expo Center will be operating a satellite parking and shuttle lot  just ½ mile south of our facility at Portland Meadows Horse Track, once our parking lot is full.

Parking at Portland Meadows is $10.00 [includes free shuttle to concert  from Portland Meadows].

Please note, there will be designated areas for parents to drop-off/pick-up
their teenage children for the event as needed.  See below for more information

Your patience is most appreciated.
Enjoy the show!



Off-site Shuttle Information

The Vans Warped Tour Shuttle Lot is located at Portland Meadows, just south of the Expo Center. Patrons parking here will take free shuttles to the facility.


Directions from I-5 North and South:

Take Exit 306B, and follow signs to the Expo Center. If the lot is full, traffic directors and signage will direct you to the shuttle lot.

 Parent Drop-off/Pick-up Information


Parents will be able to drop-off their teenage children at the Portland Expo Center at one of two locations.  One located on Marine Drive, and the other on the south side of the Expo Center on Expo Road. Please use this map for your convienence.


Parents can pick their children up at the same locations at any point during the day.  Please be advised though, you will not be permitted to park/wait at the pick-up locations. 

For your convenience, the Portland Meadows Lot can be used as a cell phone waiting area, free of charge [just notify attendant when entering].  Once your children are at the pick-up
location, have them call you, and you will be only a few minutes away.