The Expo Bee Project


The Expo Bee project began in 2021 in partnership with Bridgetown Bees - a local NE bee keeper & honey producer. Our honeybees are selectively bred to survive year-round in the Pacific Northwest, foraging nectar and pollen from the native wetlands that surround the Expo Center. Our first harvest yielded 80 lbs. of honey in 2022 and our second harvest yielded 120 lbs. of honey in 2023!

Committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, we recognized the critical role honey bees play in pollination and ecosystem health. By collaborating with Bridgetown Bees, Expo not only contributes to the well-being of the environment but also enriches the local community. This visionary initiative aligns perfectly with the Expo Center's commitment to fostering a green and vibrant space, showcasing how the intersection of nature and urban planning can create a positive impact. The honey produced by Bridgetown Bees from the Expo Center's three hives on campus becomes a sweet testament to this harmonious collaboration, connecting the Expo Center with the vital importance of bees in our ecosystem.

Our project is in response to the collapse of honey bee populations. Since 2006, honeybees have been dying off at an unsustainable rate. This threatens the security of our food supply since honeybee pollination is critical to the cultivation of over a third of our food supply in America.