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Until further notice, the Portland Expo Center will be closed to the public. Metro and the Portland Expo Center made this decision with guidance from our public health partners to protect our staff, clients and guests.

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Employee Directory

Portland Expo Center
2060 N Marine Drive
Portland, Oregon 97217-7736
503.736.5200 - Phone
503.736.5201 - fax

Matthew P. Rotchford 
Executive Director
P: 503.736.5203
F: 503.736.5201 


Alicia Crawford Loos 
Sales & Marketing Manager
 (Facility Rentals)
P: 503.736.5202
F: 503.736.5201

Chuck Dills 
Operations Manager 
P: 503.736.5204
F: 503.736.5201 

Clark Moss
Ticket & Parking Manager
P: 503.736.5235
F: 503.736.5201

Dan McNeeley 
Assistant Events & Operations Manager
P: 503.736.5220
F: 503.736.5201 

Brian Joerg
Senior Account Executive
P: 503.736.5254
F: 503.736.5201

Chris Fruhling 
Events Manager 
P: 503.736.5354
F: 503.736.5201 

Ashley Bettega  
Sales Associate
P: 503.736.5286
F: 503.736.5201

Kelly Beliveau
Administrative Assistant
P: 503.736.5200
F: 503.736.5201